Some Macbook were bricked after upgrading macOS Monterey

Last week Apple launched the official version of macOS Monterey and pushed it to Mac users for free upgrades. Unfortunately, some users have upgraded their devices to macOS Monterey, which caused Macbook to brick or cannot be turned on. Many users have reported this situation on Twitter and Reddit forums.

M1 MacBook screensaver

However, posts with similar issues in Apple’s official support community have also caused many users’ comments. It seems that the bug has affected many users, but Apple has not officially confirmed this issue. Apple’s support customer service advises users to use Apple Configurator 2 to restore the firmware. This is usually the case when a power failure occurs during the update and the system has not been installed and must be restored.

In the feedback post, several users have already solved the problem through the Apple after-sales service center. For example, a netizen named YSKKK said that he sent the Mac to Apple. The answer was that the engineer will disassemble the computer to test the motherboard and possibly replace the motherboard. The user who posted the topic said that the device has returned to normal after Apple’s after-sales engineer helped his device restore the T2 security chip.

From the description of Apple Configurator 2, it seems that this may be related to the T2 chip. Therefore, the best solution for users who encounter this problem is to contact Apple customer service directly. It may be more convenient for after-sales engineers to deal with it.

Since Apple has not officially confirmed this problem, it is not clear how the problem occurred, but if you are going to upgrade macOS Monterey, it is best to back up important files in advance, so as not to restore the firmware and cause some files to be lost and affect normal use.