Solidigm Introduces D5-P5430 Data Center SSD

Solidigm has announced the launch of the D5-P5430 data center SSD, further expanding its D5 product line.

In the current landscape of enterprise applications, data reading predominantly takes center stage. The D5-P5430 data center SSD, belonging to the fourth generation of PCIe QLC SSDs, is a novel QLC SSD optimized for mainstream and read-intensive workloads. These types of workloads typically reach read rates of 80% or higher, necessitating the movement of massive data volumes at high throughput. The D5-P5430 offers abundant storage density and total cost of ownership (TCO) opportunities, concurrently maintaining read performance equivalent to widely adopted TLC SSDs.

Positioned as an alternative to PCIe SSDs based on TLC NAND flash memory, the D5-P5430 can reduce the total cost of ownership of typical object storage solutions by 27%, increase storage density by 50%, and lower energy costs by 18%. Moreover, compared to leading-performance TLC SSDs, this latest SSD from Solidigm can boost write lifespan by 14%.

The D5-P5430 SSD series supports 1U and 2U server storage configurations and offers products in U.2, E1.S, and E3.S specifications, including:

  • U.2 15mm 3.84TB – 30.72TB
  • E1.S 9.5mm 3.84TB – 15.36TB
  • E3.S 7.5mm 3.84TB – 30.72TB

Greg Matson, Vice President of Strategic Planning and Marketing at Solidigm, asserts that data centers require cost-effective and sustainable solutions to store and analyze vast amounts of data. The D5-P5430 SSD is an optimal choice, offering high density, a reduced total cost of ownership, and a performance profile that is “just right” for mainstream and read-intensive workloads.