Seagate will discontinue the Barracuda Pro series HDD

Seagate’s Barracuda Pro series HDD is a high-end desktop mechanical hard drive for mainstream consumers, with 7200 RPM speed and a maximum capacity of 18TB. Because they are generally relatively large-capacity products and use CMR technology instead of SMR technology, they are welcomed by some users who need large-capacity storage.
According to a report from TomsHardware, Seagate has discontinued the Barracuda Pro series of HDDs and stated that it is currently adjusting its HDD product line. Alternative products will come soon and the corresponding replacement models will be announced at that time. For the time being, the Barracuda Pro series HDD is still on sale, but replacement products are needed to meet the needs of the desktop and workstation markets.

Image: Seagate

Seagate has stated that it plans to use heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) technology and multi-drive (Mach.2) technology more widely. HAMR technology can better increase the density of disks, and because fewer disks are used, it can also reduce manufacturing costs. There is also speculation that Seagate may launch a hard drive with NAND flash memory, similar to the previous hybrid hard drive (SSHD), but this product is relatively small and has never really been popular.

In fact, users now have a relatively large demand for high-capacity, high-performance HDDs, which should be profitable. Moreover, rival Western Digital’s products with a capacity of more than 10TB in the consumer market are not as rich as Seagate. Since many Seagate Barracuda (non-Pro) series HDDs have a rotation speed of only 5400 RPM, a maximum capacity of only 8TB, and the use of SMR technology, it is not in the preferred range of many consumers. If consumers want to choose a product similar to the Barracuda Pro series HDD, there are currently IronWolf or IronWolf Pro series in Seagate’s product line.