Sea Sonic released the ARCH Q503 chassis

Sea Sonic announced the launch of the ARCH Q503 chassis with an integrated CONNECT power supply. Sea Sonicsaid that the new product establishes a mutual connection between its two-pillar product lines, modern design, and friendly functions, making the ARCH Q503 chassis a reasonable choice for users to build systems.

The ARCH Q503 is a mid-tower ATX case with a solid steel body flanked by tempered glass panels. Its integrated CONNECT module is very convenient for installation and has good cable management, which simplifies the user’s wiring and creates an unparalleled installation experience. Sea Sonic said that its CONNECT module is essentially a cable management hub, and components can be connected to the hub through shorter cables. New integrations reduce cable clutter for improved ventilation and visibility through side glass.

Sea Sonic is equipped with CONNECT power supply for ARCH Q503, which has obtained 80 PLUS gold certification. It has the functions and characteristics of Sea Sonic’s top power supply, and it is very quiet when running. The fan control button on the back of the power supply allows users to choose the control method according to the cooling needs, including  S2FC (fan control without Fanless Mode) and S3FC (fan control including Fanless Mode).

Sea Sonic also offers a variety of options for storage and cooling configurations. Three fans are pre-installed on the front and rear of the case to provide the best airflow. Users can configure up to eight 120mm cooling fans for the chassis, as well as a variety of water cooling solutions to meet different installation needs.

The price of the ARCH Q503 chassis is still unclear, as well as the specific time to market.