Scythe releases Fuma 3 air cooler

The Japanese cooling manufacturer, Scythe, renowned for its diverse range of personalized coolers, has recently unveiled the new Fuma 3 air cooler. Scythe articulates that this high-performance flagship dual-tower product is the culmination of over two decades of professional experience. The Fuma 3, which leverages an optimized aerodynamic design, offers more efficient cooling than its predecessor, the Fuma 2, and is prepared to handle the rigorous demands of CPU overclocking.

The Fuma 3 air cooler features densely arranged aluminum fins accompanied by six heat pipes with a diameter of 6 millimeters. Its dual towers employ an asymmetrical design, thus optimizing the layout and providing ample clearance for memory slots, demonstrating commendable compatibility even with Mini-ITX motherboards. The unit comes equipped with the fifth-generation H.P.M.S. V installation kit, compatible with Intel’s LGA 115x/1200/1700/2011(V3)/2066 platforms, and AMD’s AM4 and AM5 platforms, covering the majority of contemporary systems.

Of note, the cooler is paired with the Kaze Flex II 120 PWM and Kaze Flex II 120 Silm PWM fans. Both operate at the same speed, albeit with varying thicknesses, and rotate in opposite directions to generate higher air pressure and more stable airflow.

Scythe has revealed that the Fuma 3 air cooler has been first released in Southeast Asia, with a later launch planned for other regions.