Samsung started to fix the abnormal health of 990 Pro

As a major storage manufacturer, Samsung’s SSDs are very popular with consumers, but the problems in the last two generations of flagship products have indeed caused a lot of damage to the brand image. Some time ago, Samsung released a new firmware to fix the 0E/03 problem of the 980 Pro, and now they are starting to fix the abnormal health of the 990 Pro.

We are aware of limited reports concerning this matter and are currently investigating these experiences as user configurations vary,” reads a comment shared by PR representative Cat Forgione on behalf of Samsung.

Samsung 990 Pro abnormal health

Some time ago, many users reported that the health status of the Samsung 990 Pro SSD is deteriorating at an alarming rate. In a few days to a few weeks, the health is reduced by 10% or more, and this problem has nothing to do with the capacity of the SSD. Normally, the user has just started using a new SSD and checked its running status through tools, and the health is 100%. After a long time of use, the health will gradually decrease.

The problem is that this time the 990 Pro SSD will also show an exponential decline when the user does not use it much. For example, the 990 Pro SSD used by user Robbie Khan dropped to 99% in the first few days and then dropped from 1% to 98% a day later. At this time, it was less than half a month before and after it was just opened and used, the 990 Pro 2TB module dropped to 94 percent health status at just over 4TB of written data.

Now that Samsung has confirmed and reproduced this issue in internal testing, it is currently reviewing the SMART usage percentage and health status-related exceptions on the 990 Pro, Samsung is expected to launch a firmware update to fix this problem later this month. They may update the SSD health algorithm to improve the wear of the flash memory, but it is not known whether the health of the SSD will be restored after updating the firmware.

Via: theverge