Fri. Jul 10th, 2020

Samsung decided to terminate the “Linux on DeX” program

1 min read

Linux on DeX is a multitasking approach from Samsung that runs Linux operating systems by connecting supported devices to desktop devices. This feature is quite popular among some developers. However, most developers still think that it is better to write code or develop software on the Linux platform.

At present, Samsung is adapting Android 10 version updates for Galaxy series devices, and some devices are currently able to receive and upgrade Android 10 beta. In the Android 10 beta, Samsung has stopped supporting Linux on DeX, and the related data that was originally saved after the upgrade will be cleared.

It’s worth noting that Samsung stressed that it will not support rollback after upgrading Android 10 beta, which means that developers can’t retrieve data as long as they upgrade. Therefore, developers must back up their data and transfer it to other places before upgrading. Samsung also stressed that it will not resume support for this feature in the future.