Safari browser supports WebP images

WebP is an open and free web image format led by Google. Its core encoding is from VP8, which also supports WebP pictures and WebM videos.

The main purpose of Google’s funding and development of this image format is to save network bandwidth and reduce traffic charges without affecting clarity.

Previously, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft browsers have supported this format, but Apple’s Safari browser does not support this image format.

In the latest iOS 14 and other Apple operating systems, Apple upgraded its built-in browser to Safari version 14.0, which also has many improvements.

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Apple said that the new version kills all other browsers in terms of content loading speed. Of course, after all, as a developer of WebKit, Apple also has the qualifications to say this.
Apple even showed a presentation at WWDC 2020 that the Safari browser load speed is more than 50% of Chrome, which is a spike to other browsers.

In addition, Apple is finally willing to support the WebP open image format dominated by Google. Now macOS, iPad, and iPhone can directly load WebP images.

At this point, this open and free image project has finally completed full platform compatibility, and all mainstream browsers support and cover all mainstream operating systems.

Via: macrumors