Safari 16 pre-installed on iOS 16/macOS 13 now supports AVIF image format

AVIF is an open source image format derived from the AOMedia Open Media Alliance based on the AOMedia Video video format. Like the AV1 format, AVIF is also royalty-free.

At present, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox in major browsers already support the AVIF format. Although Microsoft is
also a founding member of the Open Media Alliance, Microsoft Edge still does not support the AVIF format.
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On Apple‘s side, all of Apple’s operating systems in the current stable version channel do not support the AVIF format, but the Safari browser already supports the AVIF format in the latest beta version.
Support includes iOS 16 and macOS 13. The pre-installed Safari 16 can now render AVIF images, which is basically no different from loading other images.

Of course, it is still too early for websites to switch to AVIF format. After the official version of Safari 16 is released and Microsoft Edge supports it, AVIF can basically be used.

At present, most websites use the conventional format or use the webp format which saves traffic.