Razer Releases Barracuda Series Wireless Headphones

Razer announced the release of a new line of Barracuda wireless headphones, including the new Barracuda and Barracuda Pro, as well as the updated Barracuda X. Razer said that these wireless headsets all support HyperSpeed ​​wireless (2.4GHz) and Bluetooth 5.2 dual-mode wireless connections, which can be used both when users go out and play at home.

The most high-end version belongs to the Barracuda Pro, which uses Razer’s new TriForce bio-fiber 50mm driver unit and integrates THX achromatic audio amplifier (THX AAA), with ultra-low distortion, high signal-to-noise ratio, and large dynamic range, providing a full, natural, and detailed soundstage. It supports THX spatial sound technology, and users have an excellent immersive experience whether they are listening to sound in games or watching movies at home.

With Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) onboard, the Barracuda Pro allows users to have an uninterrupted audio experience in any environment without interruptions. Relying on Razer’s SmartSwitch to intelligently switch dual wireless modes, the Barracuda Professional Edition can connect two devices at the same time and achieve seamless switching. For example, when users are playing PC games, they can answer phone calls by pressing a button without disconnecting. The connection of the PC is then paired with the mobile phone, which is very convenient.

Also released alongside the Barracuda Pro is the Razer Barracuda, powered by TriForce titanium-coated 50mm drivers with FlowKnit memory foam headgear and ear cup pads. It also supports THX spatial sound technology, dual built-in beamforming noise reduction microphones, and SmartSwitch intelligent switching dual wireless mode, and the battery life is 40 hours. As a versatile headset, the Barracuda also supports a 3.5mm analog input for compatibility with more devices.

In addition, Razer has also upgraded the original Barracuda X, adding support for Bluetooth, enabling it to support SmartSwitch intelligent switching dual wireless mode, and the battery life has also increased to 50 hours. Different from the other two Barracuda series wireless headphones, the Barracuda X is equipped with a detachable external HyperClear clear noise-canceling cardioid microphone and a 40mm Razer Triforce driver unit, which is lighter.