AMD Radeon RX 6500XT boost clock is 2815MHz

AMD is about to launch the long-rumored Navi 24 core, its entry-level graphics card will welcome a new GPU architecture, while the low-end graphics card market will usher in long-lost competition. Earlier news indicated that AMD will release the Radeon RX 6500XT on January 19 this year, and the Radeon RX 6400 may be released in March next year. At CES 2022, AMD may release a graphics card with Navi 24 core.
Radeon RX 6500 XT

AMD Radeon RX 6500XT & RX 6400, Source: VideoCardz

AMD Radeon RX 6500 XT and RX 6400 both use Navi 24 cores and are manufactured with a 6nm process, equipped with 16MB infinite cache, 1MB L2 cache, and 128KB L1 cache. Radeon RX 6500 XT will be configured with 16 CUs and 1024 stream processors, while RX 6400 will only have 12 CUs and the number of stream processors will be 768. Both graphics cards will be equipped with 4GB of GDDR6 video memory with a 64-bit video memory width.

According to VideoCardz reports, the Radeon RX 6500XT boost clock is 2815 MHz, and the gaming frequency is 2610 MHz, which is about 9% to 10% higher than Radeon RX 6600XT equipped with Navi 23. Previously, the GDDR6 memory rate of the Radeon RX 6500 XT will be 18 Gbps, instead of the previously rumored 16 Gbps, which increases the bandwidth from 128 GB/s to 144 GB/s. The video memory rate of the Radeon RX 6400 may still be 14 Gbps, and the corresponding video memory bandwidth is 112 GB/s.