Qualcomm is imitating Nintendo Switch to launch an Android-based game console

Nintendo’s game consoles have undoubtedly been proved to be very successful by the market, so it is natural that this causes imitation by other companies.

For example, there is now news that Qualcomm is imitating Nintendo Switch to launch its own game console, which will be based on Google’s Android system.

The Qualcomm version of the game console is very similar to Nintendo in appearance and even structure, and the Android system allows gamers to get more game support.

Of course, carrying the Android system is naturally purposeful. For Qualcomm, it will definitely encounter major ecological problems if the system starts from the beginning and finds developers to adapt it. Therefore, directly using the ready-made system can directly connect to Android’s huge game content library.

Androidpolice reported that this handheld device being developed by Qualcomm is a replica of the Nintendo handheld, including a detachable controller and an attached display output.

It is reported that the screen size of Qualcomm handhelds maybe 6.65 inches, which is thicker than smartphones in terms of thickness because heat dissipation and the installation of large-capacity batteries must be considered.

This handheld is expected to also support display output, but it is not clear whether the equipped interface is USB-C or mini-HDMI, and it can be used to connect to an external monitor.

Chrome support Nintendo Switch

Image: Nintendo

The Android system onboard may be the unreleased version of Android 12, for which Qualcomm has developed a customized desktop launcher and will also include Google mobile services.

The most important thing is that Qualcomm may hope to be able to pre-install other game stores so that players can install games provided by well-known game developers outside the Google store system.

Chips and networks are both Qualcomm’s strengths, so the handheld naturally also supports 5G networks, but it is said that this handheld uses an older X55 modem.

The chip is unlikely to be equipped with flagship processors such as Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 due to cost considerations, but Qualcomm should not use too bad processors.

In addition, although it supports 5G networks, Qualcomm is not going to let the handheld support phone functions, which means that it will not support phone calls if it can be connected to a cellular network.

Other hardware configurations include an SD card slot, Bluetooth module, GPS, and accelerometer. It is estimated that the price of this handheld is about $300.

In terms of release time, it is said that if it goes well, this handheld will be available in early 2022.