Mon. Jul 13th, 2020

Qualcomm confirmed that Chrome/Firefox will appear on Windows 10 ARM

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Qualcomm has been the first to introduce a 7nm process desktop processor in the industry. The processor called Snapdragon 8cx is based on ARM architecture.

Most of the previous media reviews mentioned Windows 10 ARM version running the desktop version of Google Chrome performance is very bad or even stuck cannot be used.

In view of the fact that Qualcomm and Microsoft are also actively participating in the Chromium browser project, they are preparing to launch a dedicated browser for Windows 10 ARM.

Qualcomm confirmed that there are ARM special editions of Google and Firefox browsers:

For browser issues, Qualcomm has expressed positive feedback on user needs, including joint optimization and improvement by Microsoft and the open source community.

Currently working on the ARM64 version of Google Chrome, this version and architecture of the browser only support Windows 10 ARM system.

In addition to Google Chrome, Firefox will also have ARM64 special editions, and these special edition browsers will significantly improve performance on Windows 10 ARM.

Via: theverge