QNAP Releases Two PCIe Expansion Cards

Recently, QNAP Systems, Inc. released two PCIe expansion cards: QM2-2P-384A and QM2-2P-344A, which are convenient for users to expand high-speed storage devices.

The QM2-2P-384A expansion card measures 170.5×68.9×19.3mm, adopts PCIe Gen3 x8 interface, and is equipped with two 22110 specifications (compatible with 2280 specifications) M.2 slots. Both M.2 slots adopt the PCIe Gen3 x4 mode, and the expansion card can run up to the maximum transmission rate of two hard drives at the same time.

The size of the QM2-2P-344A expansion card is the same as that of the QM2-2P384A. It adopts a PCIe Gen3 x4 interface and is also equipped with two 22110 specifications (compatible with 2280 specification) M.2 slots with a speed of PCIe Gen3 x4. Due to the limitation of the interface speed of the expansion card, the two hard disks cannot reach full speed at the same time.

Both expansion cards are equipped with heat-dissipation modules and fans. By cooperating with LED indicators and thermal sensors, it is convenient for users to monitor the status and temperature of M.2 hard drives; both support tool-free hard drive installation.
The two expansion cards not only support the use of QNAP NAS but also can be used in Windows and Linux systems. Users can also set up a RAID 0 or RAID 1 array for two M.2 hard drives through software.

In terms of functions, both expansion cards support SSD caching, which can optimize system performance and reduce I/O delay, and is suitable for applications with high-performance requirements on IOPS, such as virtual machines and systems containing a large number of small files; both support Qtier technology, which is similar to AMD’s StoreMI and Intel’s Optane acceleration technology.

At present, both QM2-2P-344A and QM2-2P-384A have been sold in QNAP accessories stores, and the prices are $149  and $169.