Phanteks launches new D30-140 fan

Phanteks has announced the release of its new D30-140 fan, available in both black and white hues, with both standard and reverse rotation models on offer. The standard model expels air from the frame’s surface, while the reverse model does so from the blade’s surface. Phanteks has articulated that this new D30-140 fan marries the D-RGB lighting system with 30mm thick aerodynamic fan blades, epitomizing performance, aesthetics, and innovation, thus catering to the desires of PC enthusiasts in their system builds.

Mirroring its predecessor, the D30-120, the D30-140 fan boasts integrated D-RGB lighting elements throughout its frame and on every blade. The blade surface reflects light from the halo, the gentle luminescent beads within the frame, and the internal lighting ring bestows a distinctive illumination on either side of the fan blades. Observed from various angles, the lighting effects vary subtly. Owing to its modular design, users can seamlessly connect multiple D30-140 fans to form a cohesive unit. Multiple D30 frames can be connected via snap-fit clasps and power contact points, further enhanced by the use of angular and bridged screw caps and corner power cables, enabling a remarkably streamlined and elegant build.

Phanteks has conveyed that the new D30-140 fan will be available this month. The standard rotation individual pack and the reverse rotation individual pack are priced at $29.99, whereas the standard rotation triple pack and reverse rotation triple pack retail for $84.99. These can be paired with the Glacier One 420D30 integrated water cooling radiator and the NV9 series chassis, facilitating the creation of an unparalleled PC system.