Phanteks launches Evolv Shift XT chassis

Nowadays, most high-end ITX cases can support the installation of water-cooled radiators, but this also makes the case larger. However, some players do not need to install it and prefer a smaller case. Phanteks are more thoughtful. Their new Evolv Shift XT is an ITX case that can be changed in size.

How can a case become bigger and smaller? From the preview released by Phanteks, the Evolv Shift XT chassis is actually a common A4 structure, and the volume can be changed mainly through the height adjustment of the shell. There are three types of height adjustable. In the highest form, the water-cooled radiator can be installed on the top of the chassis. However, the current Phanteks has not announced the specific size data of the chassis.

The new chassis does not compromise on performance due to the ability to support hefty processing hardware in its three modes—Compact, Air-cooled, or Liquid Cooled Modes.

Evolv Shift XT chassis uses a 2.5mm thick aluminum panel, a graphics card with a maximum length of 325mm, and a standard PCI-E 4.0 extension cable. The currently announced price is $169.99 and is available in black and silver.