Phanteks Expands Glacier One D30 Series AIO Lineup

Phanteks unveiled the Glacier One D30 series of integrated liquid coolers in August, initially launching in 240/360 specifications and available in both black and white hues. Now, Phanteks announces an expansion of this line, introducing the 420 specification variant, again available in the monochrome palette, compatible with Intel’s latest 14th generation Core desktop processors, catering to the eclectic needs of PC enthusiasts crafting their systems.

The newly minted cooler incorporates the D30-140 fan, launched just last month, marrying the D-RGB illumination system with the 30mm aerodynamic fan blades. The entire framework and the blade surfaces are adorned with integrated D-RGB lighting elements. The blade surfaces refract light emanating from the halo, while the soft light beads within the frame, coupled with the inner illumination ring, offer a distinctive lighting effect on either side of the fan blades. Employing a modular design, multiple D30-140 fans can be seamlessly unified. The frameworks can be interconnected through snap fittings and power contact points, augmented by angular and bridge screw covers and angled power cables, resulting in an extraordinarily sleek and aesthetically pleasing assembly.

Phanteks asserts that the new product will hit the market this month, with the 420-specification model priced at $189.99.