Patent shows Apple may add more immersive audio technology to MacBook Pro

Apple has been working on surround sound technology for some time. For example, the MacBook can create a stronger presence through the speakers near the keyboard. The latest patent shows that Apple may continue to improve the sense of presence, including improving the sound quality of hardware such as speakers and improving audio through algorithms. Even Apple has stated in the patent description that algorithms can be used to adjust the audio content to make it sound more like sound generated from elsewhere in indoor and outdoor spaces.

Apple said in the description that this signal processing solution can greatly enhance the sense of the presence of movies, sports events, video games, and other screens. The digital processor can execute processing algorithms for various known audio, and then modify the digital audio signal or separate or synthesize and mix. Next, virtual modeling is used to locate the virtual sound source, including human perception of sounds, the role of ears in further studies, and other reflective and absorbing surfaces. In the end, it makes humans feel more like long-distance playback when playing audio content, allowing viewers to have a sense of distance and thus a better sense of presence in the space.

Although the patent mainly describes the playback experience of Apple laptop speakers, Apple also mentioned that this virtual presence technology can also support headphones. In the case of using headphones, the specially processed audio signals will be sent to the left and right ears of the audience, but ordinary stereo headphones will inevitably be infected. If you can offset the sound waves in the air around the listener, then you can achieve better control effects, which can also give the audience a better spatial experience. In addition, Apple also mentioned that for users who use speakers, the crosstalk canceller in the virtual acoustic system can be used to let multiple speakers make sounds as needed.

Via: Apple Insider