Palit showcased a customized “Spider-Man” themed RTX 4070 GamingPro

Over the years, graphics card aesthetics have continually evolved, exhibiting an array of vibrant colors for heat sink shrouds, and occasionally, manufacturers release collaboration editions, such as those featuring animated designs. As graphics cards have become larger and thicker, the heat sink shrouds have provided more room for customization.

At the beginning of this year, during CES 2023, Palit announced the “Maker” customization project tailored for its GeForce RTX 40 GamingPro series graphics cards. Recently, Palit showcased a customized “Spider-Man” themed RTX 4070 GamingPro graphics card by the Italian Extreme Modders team, promoting its bespoke project.

The Extreme Modders team also employed an ASUS X670 motherboard paired with an AMD Ryzen 9 7900X, constructing a complete system.

Palit offers a 3D model library, allowing users to download heat sink shroud panel models compatible with the series’ graphics cards and replace the original design through 3D printing. Considering some users may have smaller 3D printers incapable of printing an entire panel, Palit thoughtfully provides separate 3D models that can be split into two parts for individual printing. Users can easily swap the panels by removing the four screws on the heat sink shroud without voiding the graphics card’s warranty.

It is understood that in addition to the GamingPro series, the GeForce RTX 40 Dual series graphics cards can now also utilize this feature.