NZXT releases Kraken series water cooler and H510 Flow case optimized for heat dissipation

NZXT today launched a series of new products, including the H510 Flow case optimized for heat dissipation, and a variety of all-white color integrated water-cooled radiators. NZXT said that the launch of these new products is based on user feedback and hopes to provide more choices for players, computer game fans, and hardware enthusiasts who are pursuing high performance.

NZXT’s Kraken Z and X series of integrated water-cooled radiators are both very good-looking products, but they were only available in black in the past. The newly launched Kraken X, Kraken Z, and AER RGB 2 fans, a series of new matte white color matching products, give users more choices to create a more ideal and personal style console. In addition, the black Kraken Z series products have also added RGB styles to cater to users who need lighting effects.

White Kraken Z-3 RGB series products include Kraken Z53 RGB White (240 mm), Kraken Z63 RGB White (280 mm), and Kraken Z73 RGB White (360 mm). White Kraken X-3 RGB series products include Kraken X53 RGB White (240 mm), Kraken X63 RGB White (280 mm), and Kraken X73 RGB White (360 mm).

H510 Flow is the new force of the H510 series of case. It not only inherits the design of the original series of products, but also provides better heat dissipation performance through the mesh front panel, and provides two colors of matte white and matte black. Recently, many manufacturers seem to have similar designs, adding mesh front panel models to the series of products that are popular with consumers to cater to the needs of more users who have high requirements for heat dissipation.

The design ideas of this type of product are similar. The heat dissipation holes on the front panel allow the front fan to take in more air and reduce the temperature in the host.