NVIDIA RTX 5880 Ada Generation GPU spotted in RTX driver

To align with the United States government’s new export controls on advanced AI chips, Nvidia plans to release a China-exclusive version of the GeForce RTX 4090 D to replace the restricted GeForce RTX 4090. This initiative appears to be progressing smoothly.

A new model named NVIDIA RTX 5880 Ada Generation was recently spotted in the driver update log for NVIDIA RTX Enterprise version 537.99. Though Nvidia hasn’t released detailed information about the RTX 5880, it’s inferred from its naming convention that it’s a professional card positioned slightly below the RTX 6000. Nvidia might follow the same approach as the RTX 4090 D, introducing the RTX 5880 for the Chinese market to replace the more powerful RTX 6000. The RTX 5880 will also need to adhere to the Total Processing Power (TPP) limit of 4800.

The RTX 6000, like the RTX 4090, is equipped with the AD102 GPU but with slightly better specifications. It has 142 Streaming Multiprocessors (SM) with a total of 18,176 CUDA cores, which is about 11% more than the RTX 4090. The card features a boost clock of 2.5 GHz, providing 91.1 TFLOPs of FP32 performance, along with 142 third-generation RT Cores and 568 fourth-generation Tensor Cores. It comes with 48GB of ECC GDDR6 memory, a 384-bit memory interface, a memory speed of 20 Gbps, and a bandwidth of 960 GB/s. The card has a dual-slot form factor, total power consumption of 300W, and a blower-style cooler suitable for multi-GPU setups. However, it does not support NVLink bridging. For display outputs, it offers four DisplayPort 1.4 interfaces but no HDMI port.

The NVIDIA RTX 5880 Ada Generation is expected to be released alongside the RTX 4090 D next year, with a price likely similar to the RTX 6000’s initial launch price in China.