Nvidia issued an official statement on the melting of graphics card power cables

Nvidia Geforce RTX 4090 was released on October 15th. The powerful performance of the RTX 4090 is amazing, but there are also some problems. Recently, users have reported that the 12VHPWR interface of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card and its power supply line have overheated and melted. In response to this phenomenon, GamersNexus conducted a week-long test on whether the RTX 4090 power cord will overheat and melt and concluded: If the cable is inserted incorrectly, or due to foreign debris from its manufacture, the cord can overheat and melt while in use.

Shortly after the GamersNexus test was completed, Nvidia issued an official statement on the overheating and melting of the power cord. Nvidia has now confirmed that the initial findings based on 50 cases of overheating and melting power cords around the world are: When the power cord is inserted incorrectly, there may indeed be a problem of melting the power cord, so Nvidia also recommends that users first ensure that the power cord is firmly and evenly inserted when installing the graphics card.

GamersNexus notes that the total number of RTX 4090 graphics cards sold worldwide is estimated at 125,000 units. Although the 50 cases of power cord meltdown that have occurred globally are very low in proportion, it has also affected 0.04% of RTX 4090 graphics cards. Nvidia said that for all affected customers, whether they purchased public graphics cards or non-public graphics cards, they will provide corresponding support services such as returns and exchanges.
Nvidia also provided an image to illustrate examples of correctly plugging in the power cord and incorrectly plugging in the power cord, which must be fully inserted so that no gap is visible.