NucleiScanner: Powerful Automation tool for detecting Unknown Vulnerabilities in the WebApps


NucleiScanner is an automation tool that combines Nuclei, Subfinder, Gau, Paramspider, and httpx functionality to enhance web application security testing. It uses Subfinder to collect subdomains, Gau to collect URLs by filtering unwanted extensions ParamSpider to identify potential entry points, and Nuclei Scanning templates to scan for vulnerabilities. NucleiScanner streamlines the process, making it easier for security professionals and web developers to detect and address security risks efficiently. Download NucleiScanner to protect your web applications from vulnerabilities and attacks.

Important: Make sure the tools Nuclei, Subfinder, Gau, Paramspider & httpx are installed on your machine and executing correctly to use the NucleiScanner without any issues.


git clone && cd NucleiScanner && sudo chmod +x && ./ && ns -h && cd ..



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