Noctua releases NF-A4x10 24V PWM fan

Austrian radiator manufacturer Noctua has announced the launch of its NF-A4x10 24V PWM 40mm fan, designed specifically for products such as 3D printers. Noctua states that this new product is a 24V version of the NF-A4x10, complete with the OmniJoin Adapter Set, NA-AC9 adapter cable for 3D printers, low-noise adapters, and comes with a six-year warranty.

Roland Mossig, CEO of Noctua, mentioned that using Noctua’s NA-VC1 voltage converter, launched in June of this year, presents an elegant and flexible solution, enabling any 12V Noctua fan to operate in a 24V environment. This innovation was driven by the significant demand for a 24V 40mm fan in both the 3D printing community and amongst industrial customers, leading to the decision to release a 24V version of the NF-A4x10.

NF-A4x10 24V PWM

The NF-A4x10 24V PWM fan, measuring 40 x 40 x 10 mm, incorporates AAO (Advanced Acoustic Optimisation) frame technology and glass-fiber reinforced PBT material. It features SSO2 bearings, a maximum rotational speed of 5000 RPM, a maximum airflow of 8.9 m³/h, and a maximum static pressure of 1.95 mmH2O. The noise level is maintained at 19.6 dB(A), with an MTTF (Mean Time To Failure) exceeding 150,000 hours, and a power consumption of 1.08W.

Noctua states that the NF-A4x10 24V PWM fan has undergone comprehensive electrical safety, immunity, and emission tests, boasting certifications from CE, TÜV, UKCA, and UL. It complies with all relevant standards (EN 62368-1, EN 55035, EN 55032, UL-507), making it a safe and high-quality device.

The NF-A4x10 24V PWM fan is reportedly priced at $14.90.