Nintendo Switch 2 Keeps the Joy (Mostly) – Backwards Compatibility Revealed

Nintendo has issued an official statement to the media confirming its decision to skip Gamescom 2024. This unusual move by Nintendo is believed by many to be in preparation for the launch of a new console, as the company prefers not to divert its focus elsewhere.

According to Wccftech, a recent report from peripheral manufacturers indicates that the Nintendo Switch 2 will maintain extensive hardware backward compatibility, including support for existing Joy-Con and Pro controllers. The highly appreciated HD Rumble feature will also be preserved. However, due to size and docking system constraints, the current Joy-Con controllers will only be able to connect in handheld mode on the Nintendo Switch 2. Nintendo is also set to introduce new Joy-Con controllers, which will be slightly smaller than the current ones.

Nintendo Switch 2 DLSS

The Nintendo Switch 2 will be fully backward compatible with existing physical cartridges, and digital versions will naturally be supported as well. The device will retain the USB-C port used for the docking station and will feature other enhancements, such as a metal stand for improved angle adjustment. Additionally, the screen size of the Nintendo Switch 2 will be slightly larger than its predecessor, and the resolution will be upgraded to 1080P.

Overall, the initial model of the Nintendo Switch 2 represents a conservative evolution, akin to a mid-generation “Pro” upgrade of the console. From another perspective, this is not necessarily a disadvantage, as it maintains good compatibility with the original Nintendo Switch while enhancing the gaming experience through upgraded hardware specifications.

Previous reports have suggested that Nintendo has decided to delay the launch of the Nintendo Switch 2 from September 2024 to March 2025. One reason for this delay is to ensure a more attractive lineup of first-party games for the new console’s debut, as well as to allow more time to clear inventory of the older console models.