Nintendo begins to sell Switch OLED dock separately

Nintendo officially launched the Nintendo Switch OLED version in October this year. The new game console provides a larger 7-inch OLED screen (the resolution is still 720P), the frame is reduced, and the bracket is improved to become more stable. The matching dock is white in appearance, looks more rounded, and has a built-in LAN port, which replaces the original USB-A port.

Image: Nintendo

Previously, the new version of the dock was not sold separately, but recently Nintendo has begun to sell the Nintendo Switch OLED dock separately at a price of $69.99. According to the information in Nintendo’s official FAQ, the new version of the dock is compatible with the original Nintendo Switch, but a software update may be required to open all functions. For some users who want to buy a second dock for Nintendo Switch (OLED) for use in a different place, or the original dock is damaged and needs to be replaced, perhaps the new version of the dock is a more suitable choice.

Nintendo officially sells an Ethernet adapter with a USB-A port at a price of $29.99. However, compared to purchasing and connecting the equipment separately, it is obviously a more concise solution to integrate into the dock, which reduces the confusion of wiring.