Next-generation Xbox console may be released later than PS6

Recent online rumors suggest that the release of the next-generation Xbox console may be delayed compared to the PS6. YouTube blogger @Moore’s Law is Dead shared further details, stating that Microsoft had not signed a contract with AMD for the next-generation gaming console chips as of last month. Microsoft’s strategy appeared to be exploring other chip suppliers to compel AMD to lower its chip prices. This implies that Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox console may have only recently entered the design phase, whereas Sony has already secured multiple agreements with AMD for the post-PS5 era.

The blogger also revealed that Microsoft seems to be taking the Xbox console chips more seriously this time around. Intel, upon hearing the news, had bid for the chip production business for the console, promising Microsoft more competitive pricing and greater production capacity. Intel sees this as an opportunity to drive the growth of both its Arc graphics cards and chip manufacturing business.

Although Microsoft has not yet signed a contract with any company for the chips of the next-generation Xbox console, the blogger believes Microsoft is likely to choose AMD again. Switching to Intel chips for the next-generation Xbox console could lead to compatibility issues with some games and software. However, the blogger emphasized that this information has not been officially confirmed and urged caution regarding such rumors.

The most credible rumors regarding the next-gen Xbox console emerged from court documents disclosed during Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard in 2023. These documents indicated that Microsoft plans to release the next-generation Xbox console in 2028, with a CPU that may be based on Arm64 or x64, the latter likely featuring AMD’s Zen 6 architecture. The GPU could be based on AMD’s graphics IP or the RDNA 5 architecture.