New MacBook Pro 14/16-inch featured: Mini LED screen, M2 chip

Apple held the spring new product launch conference and officially launched the iPad Pro with Mini LED screen, which has brought a qualitative improvement to the display effect. Now, there is news that Apple will further use Mini LED displays for more devices.

According to DigiTimes reports, Taiwan Surface Mounting Technology (TSMT) is a supplier of Mini LED screens on iPad Pro. At present, they have solved the technical challenge of Mini LED screen production for MacBook Pro, and the production yield has reached more than 95%. TSMT will produce a Mini LED display for the MacBook Pro 14/16-inch version.

The introduction of the Mini LED screen will provide a better display effect for the new MacBook Pro. Compared with ordinary LCD screens, the Mini LED technology is more refined and can bring better quality, including darker blacks, brighter brightness, and richer color, and higher contrast.

Apple Macbook ARM

In addition, there has been news that the new MacBook Pro will first launch a new generation of Apple’s self-developed processor, which may be named M2 chip, which will use TSMC’s second-generation 5nm process, compared with the first generation, the power consumption is reduced by 10%, and the performance is increased by 5%. It is worth mentioning that Apple may further increase the number of cores, such as 12 cores, 16 cores, etc., and the final performance will bring effective improvements.

In addition, according to the previously exposed renderings, Apple will cancel the curve design of the previous MacBook Pro shell and adopt a flat right-angle solution similar to the iPhone 12 series.

At the same time, Apple is also equipped with a new MagSafe magnetic interface for the new MacBook Pro, this time Magsafe will bring a faster charging speed than before.