Mountain releases Everest 60 mechanical keyboard

The peripheral brand Mountain has launched many innovative and personalized mechanical keyboards. Recently, they have updated their product line and launched a new 60% layout modular mechanical keyboard, Everest 60.

The Everest 60 mechanical keyboard has a unique design that supports separate extension access to the numeric area keypad on the left or right, but this numeric area keypad needs to be purchased separately. In addition, the layout of Everest 60 is also very interesting. It designs the size of the Shift key on the right to be the same as the regular 1U length, so there are more “Del keys” and “direction keys”. The keyboard also adopts a floating design with a metal frame on the top cover and an RGB light strip on the side.

In terms of configuration, the Everest 60 keyboard adopts Mountain’s own custom shaft, which feels very good. At the same time, there are three types of shafts: green shaft, yellow shaft, and silver shaft. All shafts support hot-swap, and users can easily replace them with 3-pin / 5-pin Cherry MX shafts. In terms of keycaps, the Everest 60 keyboard uses PBT two-color injection keycaps, which support light transmission, and is equipped with RGB backlighting, which supports custom settings through driver software. The keyboard offers dozens of keycap sets to choose from.

In terms of price, the Mountain Everest 60 keyboard starts at £109.99, and the additional numeric keypad is priced at £34.99.