Microsoft’s unreleased Windows 11 system image file leaked

The consumer Windows 11 version image file has been leaked in advance and can be downloaded. The version number is Windows 11 Build 21996.1. The branch version is Cobalt.

It has been verified that the image file is valid and the new system name is indeed the Windows 11 version, but the overall interface is the Windows 10X modern system.

Windows 11 Download

No wonder Microsoft finally cut off the Windows 10X system, it turned out to be integrated into the regular version and then launched a new system that can of course be regarded as a new name.

However, the Windows 10X version does not support running desktop programs, and Windows 11 is a complete operating system, so it can be seen as porting the Windows 10X interface to the normal Windows version. If you are interested, you can download the image now and install it on a virtual or physical machine for testing.