Microsoft will launch a cheaper Xbox Series X/S storage expansion card

Microsoft provides a high-speed storage expansion card slot on the Xbox Series X/S of their new generation of consoles, but currently, there is only a 1TB version launched by one partner, which is expensive. Although some players have recently been given a self-made cheap solution, for many players who want to maintain the beauty of the host or plug and play at their hands, they obviously still want a complete accessory to choose from. Recently, there has been news that Microsoft and Seagate are preparing to introduce cheaper storage expansion cards.

Xbox Series S SoC

According to a French media report, the 500GB version is expected to be around $150. In fact, it is also expensive compared to ordinary high-speed SSDs of the same capacity, but it is a bit cheaper than the 1TB version that is $220. In fact, the Seagate expansion card supports Xbox Velocity Architecture, which can guarantee the same experience as the Xbox Series X/S built-in SSD, and the shape can fit the host better, so it is expensive.

However, 500GB capacity is not very reliable in today’s era when game files are often hundreds of GB. This 500GB version of the expansion card is likely to be difficult to solve the player’s storage problem.