Microsoft warns users not to abuse Windows 365 Cloud PC

After Microsoft launched the Windows 365 Cloud PC free trial package the day before yesterday, a large number of users successfully applied for the Microsoft free package by registering for an E5 subscription.

What Microsoft gave to the free trial package is a mid-to-high configuration system with 4 cores, 16GB RAM, and 128GB solid-state disks. It is not cheap if you subscribe separately.

At the same time, the virtual router provided by Microsoft on the network provides users with an ultra-high bandwidth of 1000-3000MB/S, which is enough to kill most servers in seconds.

Microsoft provides such excellent cloud computers mainly to let users experience cloud office, not to download large files or watch TV, so there is a traffic quota.

Windows 365 Cloud

In the latest question and answer, Microsoft stated that the cloud computer provided by the free trial package provides 40 GB of data per month. If the usage exceeds this limit, the user will need to pay.

If there is a serious overcapacity, users not only need to pay extra for the traffic but also may be restricted by Microsoft’s bandwidth usage, that is, the network speed is restricted.

Microsoft stated that Windows 365 is a tool for personal productivity, not for use cases such as hosting websites or content streaming, so users need to use the product reasonably.

If a user does not use Windows 365 correctly, it may affect the experience of other users, so any abuse may be restricted by Microsoft.

In addition, there may be some users who use Microsoft’s cloud computers for mining. There is no doubt that Microsoft may also restrict accounts after detecting such behavior.

Microsoft also mentioned that cloud computer services allow companies to upgrade the hardware of specific systems at any time, and companies can plan and use different configurations based on the cost overview.

However, if the hardware is upgraded, then it cannot be downgraded. If you want to downgrade, at least for now, you can only back up the data and destroy the machine to reactivate it.

In addition, commercial licenses cannot be converted into enterprise licenses. Two different licenses correspond to different enterprise sizes and the price of enterprise licenses will be cheaper.

Finally, Windows 365 Cloud PC is available in all countries or regions except the Chinese market, and all companies can contact Microsoft to open a subscription.