Microsoft to bring new Notepad version to Windows 10 Sun Valley update

Microsoft has previously revealed that it will launch Windows 10 21H2 Sun Valley Update this year. This version will launch a new interface design and bring many functions, which is regarded as a revolutionary update.

According to windowslatest reports, Microsoft has launched a new “Notepad” application in the Windows 10 Sun Valley version, which can be downloaded in Microsoft Store.

The new Notepad version uses a brand-new icon, supports a richer automatic line-wrapping function, advanced search, and unsaved content prompt.

In addition, currently in the Windows 10 Sun Valley Insiders Preview, if users are using the old version of Notepad, they will be prompted by Microsoft to update the new version of the “Notepad” application.

According to previous news, Windows 10 Sun Valley will redesign the start menu, taskbar, and other visual effects, including the introduction of a large number of rounded corners. Windows 10 Sun Valley will be pushed to users in October or November. Before that, Microsoft plans to release version 21H1 update, which will be a small upgrade incorporating security improvements. Win10 21H1 is determined to be an update in May, and it will be pushed to users around the world in May. Some small improvements have been made for enterprise users to try to support remote work scenarios.