Microsoft SQ2 chip performance is almost the same as SQ1

Microsoft released the Surface Pro X upgrade last year, equipped with an SQ2 chip based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx Gen 2. However, a data test today shows that the SQ2 chip is not an upgrade of SQ1, but maybe exactly the same chip.

According to the running score data released by Dr. Windows, the performance of Microsoft SQ2 and SQ1 are almost the same.

Microsoft SQ2 chip performance

Browser benchmark Jetstream 2

  • Surface Pro X 2019 with SQ1: 89,614
  • Surface Pro X 2020 with SQ2: 90,664

Antutu benchmark

  • Surface Pro X 2019 with SQ1: 286,740
  • Surface Pro X 2020 with SQ2: 286,271

Geekbench 4

  • Surface Pro X 2019 with SQ1: 3,530 (single core), 11,927 (multi core)
  • Surface Pro X 2020 with SQ2: 3,627 (single core), 12,042 (multi core)

It seems that Microsoft and Qualcomm have no effect on advancing the upper limit of ARM chip performance. Microsoft named the SQ2 chip like an upgraded version of SQ1, perhaps just for the new Surface Pro X to sell better, after all, there is almost no difference in performance between SQ2 and SQ1.

However, it is currently reported that Microsoft plans to develop its own desktop-grade ARM chips to compete with Apple. However, Qualcomm is also continuing to develop ARM chips for the desktop platform.