Microsoft said that Android is the best operating system for Surface Duo

Years ago, when Android was booming, Microsoft built its own operating system to try to compete with it. However, Microsoft successfully killed its own system. In the end, Microsoft felt that it would be better to compete with Google than to build its own operating system. After all, the entire Android operating system ecosystem is now very mature. So Microsoft chose Android on the dual-screen folding device launched this year. Microsoft said that Android is the most suitable operating system for such devices.

Image: Microsoft

A foldable device with two screens may replace the current single-screen smartphone in the future, and the Android system is the most suitable for mobile operating systems. Microsoft has partnered with Google to enable Android on the Surface Duo dual-screen collapsible device, as well as a full Google series service. The cooperation between the two parties will help bring consumers a better experience. Working with Google and embracing Android is the right choice for Surface Duo devices. Although Microsoft did not explain in detail why Android was chosen, we all know that at least Google supports foldable devices and there are a large number of applications on the Android platform.

Microsoft said that Android is the most suitable operating system for such dual-screen folding devices, and Microsoft does not want to build new solutions to compete with Android. Microsoft has developed Windows 10X to support Surface Neo dual-screen devices, but the device is positioned as a computer rather than a smartphone.

Via: windowslatest