Sun. Sep 20th, 2020

Microsoft removed the 95/5% revenue share program to developers

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In the past, Microsoft even introduced financial incentives for developers to publish applications in the Microsoft Store. Successfully releasing applications will give developers specific cash rewards.

In recent years, Microsoft has also launched a specific share plan to provide developers with a maximum of 95% of the share, that is, after the user purchases, Microsoft only charges 5% of the platform fee.

Although the policy has restrictions, the platform fee charged by Microsoft is very low compared to other platforms, so developers have actively responded to Microsoft’s policies.

On Twitter, some developers received the latest developer policy released by Microsoft. In the developer policy, Microsoft has clearly stated that it has canceled the previous high incentive policy.

That is, the 95% sharing policy originally provided to developers is about to be canceled. Microsoft did not issue a note on the matter and did not respond to requests for comments from the media.