September 27, 2020

Microsoft push new version of test activity: will provide a faster experience

1 min read

According to foreign media reports, local time on August 8, Microsoft announced the launch of test project. As long as interested users can participate in this project, they have to do is press the “try the beta” button, but it is not open to advanced users. It is understood that the new beta version in the programming and artificial intelligence have done improvements. Microsoft said the release will enable users to experience faster, more intelligent inboxes and better personalization options.

According to Microsoft’s current information to understand:

Beta version of will use a more responsive web development framework that provides an updated search feature, a fresher look and a new design for faster viewing, reading, adding attachments and photos;

The inbox can display Quick Suggestions when the user enters it so that the user can more easily add information such as a restaurant, flight or favorite team game to the dialog box;

The improved photo function will save all the pictures sent or received by the user in one place, so that sharing can become more convenient;

The new modern dialogue design style makes it easier to manage and preview photos and attachments;

Users can customize their favorite people and folders in the inbox so that they can make it easier for friends, documents, or conversations to find them.


It is unclear how long Microsoft will last, and that users who choose to participate will need to provide feedback before the event.