Microsoft is expanding the Japanese Xbox team

The Japanese market has always been Microsoft’s “Achilles’ heel”. The Xbox business has been in business for more than two decades, but Microsoft has been unable to break into this market. One of the reasons is probably the lack of Japanese games on the Xbox platform. Phil Spencer, the head of the Xbox business, has mentioned many times that he wants to expand the development strength in Japan.

Recently, Matt Smith, head of Japan’s Xbox Game Studios Publishing, the division responsible for working with third-party developers, said: “My team at @XboxPublishing here in Japan is growing. We are working with top-class developers on truly groundbreaking product for @Xbox. DMs are open, happy to answer any questions.”

Matt Smith also shared details about the team’s current hiring and said he would be happy to answer your questions. According to the job posting, the Xbox team in Japan plans to work with world-class game developers to create top-notch games for players around the world, with full support. Matt Smith’s team was looking for employees with backgrounds in large game development, excellent communication skills, and an understanding of the collaboration process both inside and outside large game studios.

It is rumored that Microsoft may also seek to acquire some Japanese game developers to strengthen its development strength, with the names of Square Enix and Capcom appearing.