Microsoft has begun to promote Microsoft 365 in full-screen pop-ups in Windows 10/11

In Windows 10, Microsoft began to use full-screen pop-up windows to promote its own services, mainly programs such as Microsoft 365 and OneDrive. This kind of full-screen pop-up window can be said to be very annoying, and there is no option to disable it directly. At most, you can only choose to temporarily skip the relevant settings.

However, for users, if they feel that this kind of pop-up window is too harassing, they can directly disable it in the settings, so as to avoid the system will continue to pop up the window after temporarily skipping it.

How to disable such notifications completely:
On Windows, go to Settings, System, Notifications & Actions, turn off the “Show me the Windows welcome experience after updates…”, and preferably also disable the Get Tips Suggestions option.

This full-screen pop-up window is titled to complete device settings, etc., and is actually promoting Microsoft products, including setting up Your Phone/Phone Link (after the latest update to the app), OneDrive, Windows Hello, OneDrive, Office 365, etc. and biometric verification.