Microsoft announced the launch of SSD replacement parts for Surface Pro 7+

When Microsoft designed the Surface Pro 7+, they considered the lifespan of the SSD. And it is hoped that the enterprise customers targeted by this product can have a way to quickly replace the SSD, thereby reducing the impact on work efficiency.

Today, Microsoft released this SSD replacement accessory specifically for Surface Pro 7+. Microsoft stated that the kit they designed is to facilitate customers to better manage data. If employees encounter SSD-related issues, then IT technicians can replace the device’s SSD within minutes, saving time and money.

This time the SSD kit contains the SSD refurbished by Microsoft and special screws for fixing the SSD. There are four capacity types available: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB.

Microsoft said that the current SSD kit package is only available in the United States, but is planning to expand to all Surface sales areas. This kit is for Surface Pro 7+ only and is not compatible with Surface Pro X or Surface Laptop Go.

In theory, IT technicians can buy SSDs of similar size and plug them into Surface Pro 7+, but Microsoft strongly does not recommend this, because compatibility issues that affect product stability may occur.

Microsoft mentioned that customers who currently want to purchase SSD kits only need to contact a regional reseller or a Surface expert to get the purchase method.

Via: windowscentral