Meta will cooperate with SK Hynix and LG Display to develop MicroOLED

Meta will cooperate with SK Hynix and LG Display to develop MicroOLED panels. Earlier, LG Display signed a cooperation agreement with SK Hynix on the development and production of MicroOLED panels, and sources said that SK Hynix will also sign a related cooperation agreement with Meta in the near future.

After the cooperation is confirmed, Meta will be responsible for designing the required chips, and SK Hynix will produce the wafers required for these chips. Finally, LG Display will deposit OLEDs on the wafers and cut them into MicroOLED panels.
Compared with ordinary OLEDs, MicroOLEDs are cut from silicon wafers rather than glass or plastic substrates, making MicroOLEDs experience smaller and thinner while having high resolution. This feature makes MicroOLED very suitable for small but high-resolution display devices, such as the mixed reality device products that Meta has been planning to expand.

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Meta itself does not have any facilities to produce panels, so it needs to seek external cooperation. LG Display can produce general display panels, but it does not have equipment for chip production, so SK Hynix is ​​needed to produce MicroOLED together.

SK Hynix plans to use its M10 wafer production line in Icheon, South Korea, to produce wafers for MicroOLEDs. This is the oldest production line of SK Hynix, which originally only produced DRAM but is now also used to produce CMOS sensors. SK Hynix also has M14 and M16 plants in Icheon for DRAM production.

The current production capacity of M10 is 100,000 12-inch wafers per month. It is reported that SK Hynix will allocate 30,000 pieces of production from 2025 to 2026 to produce the wafers required for MicroOLED with a 28nm or 45nm process.