Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

Lenovo ThinkPad P series notebook are pre-installed Ubuntu system

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Dell is probably the best-known Linux notebook supplier, and now this market will usher in another equally powerful rival – Lenovo is looking for a market for machines with Linux installed. It is understood that Lenovo’s ThinkPad P-series notebooks will be pre-installed with the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS system when they are available in the US later this month.

Although Lenovo did not mention pre-installed Linux systems in a press release on the ThinkPad P-series notebooks, eye-catching Linux users found additional operating system options when viewing the computer’s technical specifications.

Computers pre-install the Linux include the ThinkPad P53, P53s, P43s, and the ThinkPad P73 17-inch. These computers support custom configurations and can be purchased with the pre-installed version of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

Pre-installing the Linux system means that Lenovo will provide compatible drivers and BIOS, which is definitely good news for advanced users such as engineers and developers.

Lenovo will distribute (some) firmware updates for ThinkPad notebooks running Linux via LVFS (Linux Vendor Firmware Service).