Keychron Q12 customized mechanical keyboard price starts at $185

Prior to this, Keychron officially announced that it will launch a new customized mechanical keyboard Keychron Q12. Unlike typical keyboard layouts, the Keychron Q12 places the numeric keypad on the left rather than the right. According to Keychron, this design that subverts the traditional layout is specially designed for left-handed users. However, judging from the daily operations of many users, such a layout also has its reasonable place. Recently, the Keychron Q12 customized mechanical keyboard has been officially launched. The price starts at $185.
The overall size of the Keychron Q12 customized mechanical keyboard is 409.4 x 145 x 33.4 mm, and the weight is about 2491 grams. It adopts a 96% layout, CNC aluminum body, and double Gasket design, wired connection through a Type-C interface, supports QMK / VIA key change, each key can be programmed, compatible with macOS and Windows dual operating systems, and users can also DIY customize each part. There is a programmable knob on the upper left of the keyboard, which can be used by users to adjust the volume or DIY programming by themselves.

The Keychron Q12 customized mechanical keyboard is available in anodized gray, anodized black, and anodized blue colors, the switch body is a Gateron G Pro switch. In addition, this keyboard has a lower light position RGB, etc. There are 13 lighting effect modes by default, press fn+Q to switch forward, and press fn+A to switch backward.