Kansas State University Hit by Major Cyberattack

Kansas State University, a prominent public research institution offering 65 master’s and 45 doctoral programs, has encountered a significant cyber incident. The university, home to approximately 20,000 students and 1,400 academic staff, reported disruptions in several information systems on the morning of December 16. By evening, it was confirmed that these issues were the result of a cyberattack.

To mitigate the damage, the university disconnected the affected networks, including VPN services, the K-State Today email system, Canvas and Mediasite video services, network storage, and the mailing system.

Kansas State University cyberattack

Thanks to all who are working hard to isolate this incident, restore systems, and ensure business and academic continuity,” reads the official statement. External experts are involved in the investigation of the incident.

University leadership urges students and staff to remain vigilant and report any suspicious cyber activities. Academic activities continue using alternative electronic resources.

According to the latest updates, the K-State Today service will resume on January 18, albeit in a limited mode with a simplified design and reduced content volume. A delay in email delivery of up to 48 hours is expected.

The university has promised to regularly update on the progress of remedying the aftermath of the attack. So far, there have been no reports of potential personal data breaches.

This incident marks the second major cyberattack on a higher education institution in 2024, following the breach at Memorial University of Newfoundland. As of now, no known groups have claimed responsibility for the attack.