Jelly Key Launches Retro TV Jelly Keycaps

In the circle of mechanical keyboard customization, the keycap products designed by the well-known customized peripheral brand JellyKey have always been very innovative and creative, such as the previous resin keycaps, and the Dragon of Eden theme keycaps, etc. Recently, JellyKey has launched a series of very interesting keycaps – a new generation of Retro TV jelly keycaps.

As can be seen from the pictures officially displayed by Jelly Key, its design team is very attentive to each keycap, bringing a variety of shapes and colors. Compared with the previous generation, the new generation of retro TV jelly keycaps has been optimized, especially in the design of patterns. At the same time, on the basis of only 1U size of the previous generation, a 1.25U size version and 10 colors have been added, which allows more keys in the keyboard to use retro TV jelly keycaps.

It is understood that Jelly Key and other design teams designed the keycaps by hand-carving. The first is to color-process the base part of the keycap, wait for 8-10 hours to dry, and then install the relevant parts on the base. After that, design teams can start molding the shell, the whole process takes 16-24 hours to dry thoroughly, and then the designer will color the surface of the keycap.

In terms of price, Retro TV jelly keycaps start at $55, and if you buy the entire package, you can also get a specially customized table mat.