iPhone 15 series will begin mass production this month

Apple is poised to launch its next-generation iPhone 15 series smartphones this fall, with preparations currently in full swing. The smartphone market this year presents a challenging panorama characterized by prolonged weak demand, thereby exerting considerable pressure on major manufacturers and the supply chain. As Apple is a bellwether in the smartphone industry, the sales performance of its new products garners significant attention, being perceived as the industry’s final bulwark.

According to Economic Daily News, Foxconn, the original equipment manufacturer for the iPhone 15 series, has concluded its trial production, suggesting readiness to initiate large-scale manufacturing of the new models at a moment’s notice, planned to enter the mass production phase later this month. The latest news indicates that, in the current macro environment, Apple’s initial target shipment volume is quite substantial. If Apple can indeed stabilize its supply chain in the remaining time of 2023, it stands to triumph in this year’s sluggish market climate.

Previously, there were rumors that the new 48MP primary camera equipped on the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus faced supply chain issues, resulting in low output. However, it seems these issues have now been resolved. Earlier reports stated that the iPhone 15 series had a stockpile of 85 to 90 million units for 2023, without providing specific model ratios. Naturally, Apple would prefer to augment the proportion of iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models, introducing more exclusive upgraded features to attract customers and boost overall profitability.

To meet Apple’s demands, Foxconn has already inked agreements with new employees, offering generous bonuses upon achieving Apple’s production targets. This year, Foxconn continues to monopolize orders for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, although Luxshare Precision is being introduced as a secondary supplier. There are rumors that Luxshare Precision will wrest some of the iPhone 16 Pro Max orders away from Foxconn next year, a strategic decision made by Apple considering the diversification of the supply chain to prevent unnecessary supply interruptions.