iPad Lineup Shift: Air 6 May Drop 12.9-inch Option

According to Wccftech, insiders have suggested that Apple’s forthcoming iPad Air 6 will eschew the larger 12.9-inch model in favor of offering only a 10.9-inch version. Should this information prove accurate, Apple may unveil three new iPads in its upcoming launch this month or the next, comprising 11-inch and 13-inch iPad Pro models, along with the 10.9-inch iPad Air.

Previous reports have indicated that the new iPad Pro models are expected to feature OLED displays, while internal chips will be upgraded to the M3, resulting in a slimmer profile, enhanced display quality, and improved performance; the iPad Air, on the other hand, will only see a chip upgrade to the M2. Both the new iPad Pro and iPad Air models are anticipated to relocate the front-facing camera and Face ID sensors to the device’s longer edge. This alteration aims to provide a user experience more akin to that of a laptop during video calls and when using the Magic Keyboard, thereby enhancing the iPad’s versatility and making it more conducive to professional settings.

However, the introduction of a landscape camera is not unprecedented for the iPad, as Apple has previously employed this configuration in the iPad 10. Furthermore, while the iPad Air 6 is expected to retain the iPad Air 5’s metal body design, it will incorporate a new internal structure and upgraded components, potentially leading to a significant performance boost. Nonetheless, all conjectures will only be confirmed upon the product’s release.