Intel’s Bartlett Lake Aims to Succeed Raptor Lake Refresh

Intel’s 14th generation Core processors codenamed Raptor Lake Refresh, essentially represent an enhancement of the 13th generation Raptor Lake with an increased base frequency of 200MHz. This upgrade is designed for both desktop and mobile platforms, specifically the HX and U series processors. Raptor Lake itself is an architectural refinement of the Alder Lake, with improvements primarily in the Raptor Cove P-Core, originating from the Golden Cove. These enhancements include an expanded L2 cache capacity and optimized processes that significantly boost frequency. The E-Core still maintains the Gracemont architecture.

Arrow Lake-S 24 cores

According to RedGamingTech, Intel is preparing a new product for desktop and notebook platforms, named Bartlett Lake, which is set to succeed the Raptor Lake Refresh on the LGA 1700 platform. Intel, possibly taking cues from AMD’s segmentation in the desktop market, plans to continue supporting the LGA 1700 platform. This is despite their next-generation desktop processor, Arrow Lake-S, transitioning to the LGA 1851 platform. Bartlett Lake-S targets the budget-conscious market with more affordable pricing, while Arrow Lake-S is geared toward high-end gamers. This strategy mirrors AMD’s approach of maintaining the AM4 platform, simultaneously updating the Ryzen 5000 product line while launching the AMD 7000/8000 processors, offering consumers a wider range of choices.

Bartlett Lake is rumored to feature larger caches, potentially leading to modest IPC (Instructions Per Clock) improvements, although this remains unconfirmed. There’s still much uncertainty surrounding Bartlett Lake, including the prolonged transition from DDR4 to DDR5 memory, and the complete abandonment of DDR4 memory in the upcoming LGA 1851 platform. Consequently, Intel may need to continue updating the LGA 1700 platform. This would be beneficial for users who have invested in the LGA 1700 platform, as it would provide them with more options for future upgrades.