Intel’s 11th Generation Core ‘Rocket Lake’ processors enter the EOL stage

Rocket Lake-S is Intel’s 11th generation Core processor, which was released in mid-March 2021. Its core no longer uses the Skylake architecture that has been used for several generations of Core since 2015 and has become the Cypress Cove architecture. At the same time, the integrated graphic has also been replaced with the Xe architecture, but it uses the same LGA 1200 socket as the 10th generation Core, which is Intel’s last desktop processor manufactured using the 14nm process.
Intel Core i9-11900K performance
According to TomsHardware, Intel’s internal documents show that a product change notice has been issued, and Rocket Lake products have entered the EOL (End-Of-Life) stage since February 6. Not just the Rocket Lake-S for the desktop platform, but also the Xeon W-series processors with the same architecture for workstations. Additionally, Intel’s 400-series and 500-series chipsets made the list. This means that Intel’s quotation for next year’s desktop processors will only include the LGA 1700 platform or later products.

Intel recommends that its partners place orders before August 25, 2023, including the 11th generation Core i5, Core i7, Core i9, and corresponding Xeon W-series processors, as well as 400-series and 500-series chipsets. According to the process, chipsets for Rocket Lake and its corresponding platforms will continue to be produced for several months, and Intel will deliver the last batch of orders before February 23, 2024.