Intel will release Alchemist Refresh in 2H 2023, Battlemage GPUs in 2024

Intel Arc is a brand new high-performance gaming graphics card brand of Intel. The first generation product is the Alchemist graphics card (DG2). According to the development plan previously announced by Intel, Alchemist is followed by Battlemage, Celestial, and Druid, a total of four generations of products. Different from the previous three generations, the fourth generation of Druid will adopt the new Xe architecture to replace the original Xe-HPG architecture.

According to the slide exposed by RedGamingTech, Intel plans to launch two new graphics cards with a power consumption of 150W in the first quarter of 2023, both of which use 6GB of video memory with a rate of 16 Gbps. In the third quarter of 2023, Intel will also bring Alchemist+ graphics cards, the first of which is a model for the entry-level market (ACM+ G20), with power consumption between 75W and 100W. In the fourth quarter, there will be a product (ACM+ G21) with power consumption between 175W and 200W, which is positioned slightly lower than the current ARC A750.

The second-generation Battlemage graphics card also appeared on the slide, using the Xe2-HPG architecture, showing that the project will start in the first quarter of next year, and the first batch of products will appear in the second quarter. It will include two products, BMG-G10 (power consumption less than 225W) and BMG-G21 (power consumption less than 150W). The former will be released earlier, and its positioning is higher than the existing Alchemist graphics card, while the latter’s positioning is similar to that of the ARC A770/A750.

In this slide, some improvements of the Battlemage graphics card are also mentioned, including micro-architecture improvements, next-generation memory subsystems, better ray tracing acceleration, and a new generation of rendering technology based on machine learning, etc., mainly for gamers who need performance.